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“We have been supplying top-notch quality, nutritious and hygienic products for our highly valued customers and consumers at affordable prices, since 2006.”

Day-old broiler chicks solely originate from the company’s own breeder facilities and longterm contract farm facilities, which ensure an even and very persistent quality of our sales product.

The detailed management protocol applied to all breeder facilities within the company enables us to supply day-old broiler chicks from facilities with a unique health status, and from sources free from diseases as Mycoplasma as well as zoonosis diseases such as salmonella (all known sero- types).

Our product originates from breeder facilities/farms with up to 45.000 breeders of same age per unit, thus enabling us to supply chicks from homogeneous breeder sources. All day-old chicks are hatched at own hatchery facilities, where the level of biosecurity standards from the breeder
farms are fully extended and maintained.Read more

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